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A leader's mindset is the cornerstone of their journey up the leadership ladder, influencing their actions, motivations, and the profound effect they wield on their team's evolution.

At the heart of transformative leadership lies the crucial shift from merely assigning responsibilities to nurturing individuals who instinctively embrace accountability.

Learn to develop leaders with the necessary wisdom and techniques to climb beyond traditional leadership paradigms, guiding them to foster environments where growth is mutual and achievements are shared.

Equip your leaders with the mindset to not just reach for the next rung themselves, but to lift their entire team towards greater heights and collective success.

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Dive into the transformative world of leadership and personal growth with our exclusive Next Rung Courses. Eachof our courses promise to challenge your perceptions, enhance your leadership skills, and inspire action.

This isn't just reading; it's a journey of discovery for Students looking to build a career, Career Minded individuals moving up, and Executives wanting to enhance their leadership. Our self paced courses provide professional insights, and foster an environment of mutual growth. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and apply learned principles to your life and career.

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Our Mentorship and Mastermind programs offer solutions to the unique challenges faced by leaders and organizations today. With a focus on innovation, strategy, and sustainable growth, our team of experts works closely with you to understand your objectives, analyze your challenges, and devise actionable strategies.

Whether you're navigating change, seeking to enhance team performance, or aiming to achieve specific business outcomes, our tailored approach ensures you receive the support and guidance necessary to succeed.

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Thank you President Reider, for looking and upholding the patient care within the St. Joseph Hospital at Lake St. Louis. We thank you for the time you gave us on Friday evening when your workday should have ended. You portray the image of a Leader, in all your mannerisms. Beginning with our names and great handshake. May God continue to bless you.

— Leroy and Ellen Schramm


Susan Bundgard, Chief Human Resource Officer for the Saint Alphonsus Health System

I had the opportunity to become part of the Executive Leadership team with Rodney Reider in 2010 when Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center acquired several hospitals to form a Regional Health System in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. It quickly became apparent, that Rodney was destined to reach higher echelons of the organization. He immediately demonstrated his unique leadership style of embracing all constituents-employees, physicians, colleagues, and the community-ensuring the values and culture of a faith-based Ministry was at the core of all operations. What made Rodney’s leadership unique and rare was his ability in upholding the mission, vision & core values while leading the organization to great financial and operational results. He was an integral part in streamlining the organization from four separate community hospitals into an effective regional, integrated health system.

In my 30+ years as a Human Resource professional, I have had the opportunity to work with many leaders from many industries and Rodney is truly one-of-a-kind and demonstrated the qualities, vision, passion and abilities of all desired leaders. — Susan Bundgard, Chief Human Resource Officer for the Saint Alphonsus Health System


Coyla Anderson, former COO of Sisters of the Holy Cross and Board Member of Saint Alphonsus Health System

Rodney Reider has a unique gift of making people feel special. Perhaps that quality more than any other defines what our Mission and Ministry is all about. That is what God did when he gave us Jesus.We are grateful for all of Rodney’s gifts and skills being applied to make Saint Alphonsus achieve success. We greatly appreciate your presence and commitment to our Ministry in Idaho and Oregon. — Coyla Anderson, former COO of Sisters of the Holy Cross and Board Member of Saint Alphonsus Health System


Teresa Sargent, retired Director of Saint Alphonsus HR

I am honored to provide a recommendation for Rodney Reider. For many years, I worked with Rodney at Saint Alphonsus Health System, where he was the System CEO. Rodney is a potent combination of organizational vision and inspirational leadership.

Rodney led the organization exceptionally through significant transitions by building leadership alignment, creating a culture for high-velocity change and driving accountability for results. The organization delivered rapid success under his leadership.

Rodney is not only a strategic thinker, but has consistently demonstrated his ability to anticipate changes in the competitive landscape and position the organization for success. Rodney is innovative and fearless in his business approach. He is able to make tough organizational decisions with thoughtful consideration.

Rodney also has a passion for leadership development and supporting employees to reach their potential. On any given day, Rodney could be seen shaking hands with employees, leaders and rounding on patients. Rodney compassionately carries a spirit of caring and excellence in the care delivered to patients. He is a leader that walks the talk. --

Teresa Sargent, retired Director of Saint Alphonsus HR


Tim Dunnagan, Ed.D, Dean, College of Health Sciences, Boise State University

I have had the privilege to work with Mr. Reider for the past six years in a number of capacities. As a member of the Saint Alphonsus Mission Committee, I have seen how Mr. Reider takes a mission and translates this mission into the day-to-day actions of 5,000 employees… As a leader in higher education, he has fundamentally influenced the way I operationalize mission into our day-to-day activities within a university setting. Because of his influence, I am in a better position to help make our society a better place to live in. Read Full Testimonial.

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